Bringing out the Saint in all of us

The Challenge

St Luke’s Hospice offers palliative care to the people of mid and south Cheshire, with a range of services from physiotherapy to counselling. But while their care costs nothing to patients, it costs the Hospice £8,600 every day, £5.98 every minute. As 80% of their funding comes from public donations, they needed a marketing campaign that would encourage people to give on a regular basis, while outlining just how broad a range of care they provide.

The Solution

The crux of Thrive’s campaign is its theme, designed to make people feel especially good about giving regularly. ‘Be a Saint’ does just that, while linking to the St Luke’s name and providing a perfect call to action. The concepts this underpins have an equally emotional appeal, using different scenarios to highlight various aspects of the Hospice’s care with empathy and understanding. The client was delighted with our insight, and intends to roll out the campaign in full over the coming months.

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